Tired of using the mouse and start menu to run applications? Press a defined hotkey and the Wincito prompt pops up, no matter what app has the focus. Type the command (there's autocompletion), hit Enter, the application is started.




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Wincito Frequently Asked Questions:




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How do I configure shortcuts?

Right-click on the icon in the task bar. From the context menu choose Configure > Shortcuts...

How do I change the hotkey?

From the context menu choose Configure > Hotkey...

How can Wincito be loaded on Windows startup?

Guess which menu from the context menu and select it.

What is a Wincito plugin/how do they work?

A Wincito plugin is a special shortcut that ends with a ':' They all reside in the <wincito>\plugins directory and are loaded automatically. The special thing about plugins is that you can call them and specify one or more arguments, for example a search string, user name, or password. The arguments are then given to the plugin when it is executed. If the plugin writes any data to STDOUT it is displayed within the Wincito prompt (test the 'date' plugin).

How do I add my own plugin?

A plugin has to be executable by Windows. It can be a script or binary executable. Just place your plugin in the <wincito>\plugins directory and restart Wincito. When the plugin name is called with any arguments, they will be forwarded to your plugin. If you want to return a message to the user, write the text to STDOUT or use 'echo' in a script. For more examples, refer to the existing plugins.

How can I get the plugins to use Firefox/any other browser?

Plugins reside in the directory <wincito>\plugins. Open the scripts and look for a line similar to this: "start explorer*" Just replace 'explorer' with the path/name of the browser you would like to use.

How can I pass arguments to the program I want to start?

Wincito allows only to start a single program, no arguments. Don't worry, two solutions for this:

How can I create a shortcut to a web page/URL?

Read answer above. Same idea, create a file and enter: start explorer
You could omit the explorer, in this case the web page will be displayed in the active explorer, if there is any. For similar functionality, read the Wincito-plugin FAQ.

How could I organize my shortcuts?

After a while your shortcut collection will grow. It is important to spend a few minutes and think how you want to organize them, before! you get used to them. Often, shortcuts can be assigned to some sort of logical group. For example, if you have shortcuts to open SSH connections to computers on the network, it makes sense to start all shortcuts with "ssh" instead of the using the machine name directly. Since the commands are sorted alphabetically, all
SSH connections will stay together. Another advantage is that you can now easily add a shortcut like this: "web computer". Isn't that nice?

How to I create a shortcut to the Windows Run dialog?

Use the Windows XP style Start Menu, click on Start, drag the Run menu to the desktop. This will create a Windows shortcut, which can be used as a Wincito shortcut command.

What are the secret commands?

Who told you? There are no secret commands! Go away. Still here? Ok, two commands that are already defined are config and exit. Guess or try them to find out what they are for (I would start with config). If you define a shortcut with that name, it will be used instead.

I found a bug, what should I do?

First of all, stay calm. Breathe. Take you hands off it and slowly step back from you computer. Go, see if you can find a glass, I'll wait. Back? Now, carefully approach it and in a quick move, put it over the bug. Oh, and breathe again. Now that you've captured it, look if somebody is around to share your excitement. If there is somebody, tell her or him about the neat little tool you downloaded a while ago and then examine the little friend (the bug).
However, if you can't find anybody, wait a couple of hours. If it is still there (don't work in the meantime, you could scare it), draw a nice picture of the creature and post it in one of the forums you'll find here:

Also let me know if you liked the way of describing: If an error occurs, take a screen shot, note error messages, print stack traces, see if you can reproduce the behavior, if so, send instructions with the error messages, and detailed environment description to the support team.